Storytelling at NMAAHC

On Friday we took our long awaited visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  One important takeaway I have from this visit to NMAAHC, that to tell a powerful story in a museum you do not need to shout every detail of the story.  One particularly powerful exhibit storytelling tool used during when visiting the History galleries of the museum.  In the part of the exhibit that was discussing lynching, I began noticing rows and rows of names listed at the bottom of the exhibit case.  I could not readily find who these people were listed at the bottom of the cases, as I tried to locate an exhibit label telling me who these people were, I passed more and more names.  Finally, I found a docent and asked her who these people were, and she told me, they were victims of lynching.  This was a little too much for me to handle, and I had to take a break to collect myself.  I think I knew who these people were before I spoke to the docent, but had to find an answer because I was in disbelief.    

I am going to leave it at that.


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